Understanding Campus History: A Final Project Provocation

With Erin Bernard, March 2016.Monica's notes, 29 March.Mapping Chinatown North, 29 March.FullSizeRender











“I cannot assume that I have solved any problems by asking questions and listening…but I can say I am attempting to shift the type of resources that future historians have to understand this moment in time in Philadelphia.”

— Erin Bernard, “Of angels, doves, and oral history: Ethics and trucking in Philadelphia,” Art & the Public Sphere 4.1-2 (2015): 109.

What would it mean to replace “Philadelphia” in this sentence with “Bryn Mawr College,” and how might your projects reflect that?

2 thoughts on “Understanding Campus History: A Final Project Provocation

  1. I just came across another provocation in my notes, from a Twitter conversation of all things: “Public intellectuals translate; public historians practice collaborative inquiry and share authority.” How do we share and collaborate and inquire productively? Why is it scary to do this publicly?

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