For whom does it exist?

As I was readingĀ Mining the Museum: An Installation Confronting History by Lisa G. Corrin, I was constantly thinking in the back of my mind “Who does this belong to?” The idea of property has been a prevalent thought of mine through out this class, but I think this article really made me push this idea into the forefront of my mind. I think the role of curator for a museum exhibit relies a lot on thinking for whom does the exhibit exist. A lot of exhibits are intended to make the audience feel/react to something, so creating how would the curator be able to anticipate the audience, and present the material in such a way that was the best point of access for people to learn, is something that is very prevalent.


The actual workings of an institutionĀ seem to me to be very vast and intricate- navigating the space between a community and outreach always seems to be. However, I thought it was very cool that Corrin spent a lot of time on the actual development of an exhibit. I thought her included square box of questions that were posted in the elevator was a really neat compilation of questions that I myself was thinking as I was envisioning the installation.