From the Classifieds: Bryn Mawr through the War Years (1939 to 1945)

My project is directed at those who are interested in understand who BMC is understood by people who have never gone here, historically. By looking at those who placed ads in the college news, we can see how perceptions of BMC students changed as WW2 progressed:

  • If I could design any way to create this project I would make it a mixed art and history show piece, because I believe there is an inescapable connect between ads and art.
  • This would be a showcase the people who are entered in WWII, Bryn Mawr, Newspapers, Art, or just generally curious could come and enjoy this.

  • Inspired by a installation piece called Iraq Destroyed: image
  • I would center it on a free standing wall for every year 1939-1945 with adds from that year, which would be put together to create a image. They would be in a circle with the images facing in, and would be done by school year not calendar year. (ie: Fall 39-Spring 40)
  • On the back side of the wall I would have 4 sections:
    • What was going on in the wider world – to give historical context
    • What was going on at Bryn Mawr – to understand where BMC is coming from, and events at Bryn Mawr are not always connected to events outside.
    • How Bryn Mawr was trying to show itself – AKA Ads made by BMC for BMC, I am going to be visiting special collection to look at information decimated by the college during this time.
    • How Bryn Mawr is being perceived – an interpretation of the demonstrated ads
  • Each of these sections would come together to show the change in the perception of BMC from the exterior over the various years.
  • Right now I am in the process of collecting a number of adds in order to demonstrate a trend in time. I will be looking at gender norms, and socioeconomics, as well as looking to see how a collective is created. I am also looking to see if the material that are being advertised for change.
  • There are a lot of cigaret ads, so I may do something with them; I am still working out the specifics but if I find that ads in general are to broad to look at, then this would be a good thing to focus in on because there are a lot of them.