History in Public Syllabus, v.1

The syllabus for History in Public is now online; registered students will have access to the reading list shortly.

I have deliberately left space in the syllabus to pursue new interests as they develop over the semester, also leaving open the possibility for additional guest speakers and site visits. Taking inspiration from Jesse Stommel’s digital studies course, we will revise and re-write the syllabus as we go, and, as Jesse suggests, discover what we’ll learn together as we learn it, questioning what we’ll do even as we begin to do it.

Finally, please note that the course is not intended to offer a comprehensive history of Bryn Mawr College; instead, I have chosen moments in time that are especially fruitful for thinking about the intersections of race and gender in the archives, as we explore possible ways of sharing those histories in public. I will continually add to (and crowdsource!) the Research Resources and Digital Collections page to aid students in their exploration of Bryn Mawr’s history.

Welcome to History in Public!

Our first class meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 19 at 1:10pm in Dalton 25. Before class, I would like us all to take a look at a few resources from the National Council on Public History, which we will discuss on Tuesday along with the syllabus and semester goals.

What is public history, anyway?

If you have friends considering shopping the class, feel free to forward these links. I look forward to meeting you all next week.